(event) Statement from the spiritual and educational, artistic event “mother tongue drunk slice from SARCHASHMANG” dedicated to the day of “language holiday” 21 October in Microbiology, Virology and immunology 17.10.2019 years

Participated: kafedra mudiri, professor Z.A.Nuruzova, dos. Sh.RAliyev, dos., Yodgorova N.T., senior teacher: Ergasheva Z.N.Y., Z.B.Djuraeva., assistants: N.RMirvalieva, Akhranova S.T., Mamatmusaeva F.Sh., Abdullaev U.M., Ishmuradov M.B., Comamuradav S.T., Orinbaeva Z.N.Y., Yuldosheva N.G. G Suite-Gmail , Docs, Drive, Calendar And More ForA., 1-2 course masters, 207-group Students of the Faculty of treatment

Order of the day: spiritual-educational, artistic event on the theme: “drunk slice from mother tongue SARCHASHMANG
Kafedra mudiriz.A.Nuruzova opened the circle, congratulated all the outstanding employees and students with the holiday, noted that the language is the basis of human beauty, spirituality, even the great heritage of Alam Barkar, mother-in-law is our sacred duty to preserve our native language. After that, 207-group Students with their performances made a festive event interesting. The festive event left a good impression on the Hamm.

Kafedra mudiri, professor Z.A.Velvet
Group teachers Z.N.Y.Surcindle

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