Microbiology , Virology and Immunology in the chair December 1 International AIDS against struggle to ” dedicated to “ Youth AIDS against ” named event

December 1 International  AIDS  against the struggle to ”  bag` processed event chair director professor ZA Nuruzova open they gave. Their own in their speeches AIDS disease to society throwing risk and from him avoid the need, disease against in the struggle current of the day problems about speaking passed. Also, TTA professors- teachers, and students at this place and the importance of both stop passed. Events 2 treatment faculties 217-group students high in the mood conducted. Initially 217-group student  Amonov  Navruzbek AIDS about information giving a shot. That’s it then, students of their own scene views and performances with events to be continued they did. Event up in the spirit and interesting was held, collected themselves for required conclusions received deb we think.


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