The Department of Microbiology, Virology and immunology of the Tashkent Medical Academy held a spiritual and educational and artistic event on the theme “the homeland of the brave guarding Declaration № 3 16.01.2020 year

Participants: Department of Microbiology, Virology and immunology, professor Z.A.Nuruzova, deputy dean of medical and biological faculty Mustanov T.B., dos. Sh.RAliyev, dos., Yodgorova N.T., senior teacher: Ergasheva Z.N.Y., Z.B.Djuraeva., assistants: N.RMirvalieva, Akhranova S.T., Mamatmusaeva F.Sh., Abdullaev U.M., Ishmuradov M.B., Comamuradav S.T., Orinbaeva Z.N.Y., Yuldosheva N.G. G Suite-Gmail , Docs, Drive, Calendar And More ForA., 1-2 course masters, 303-group Students of the Faculty of medical biology

Order of the day: spiritual-educational, artistic event on the theme “The Brave will guard the motherland”.
After the event, the Associate Professor Yodgorova N.T. opening the event, he congratulated the men and students of the Tashkent Medical Academy on January 14-Vatan day of caregivers. After that, 303-group students took part in performances, songs, poems and performances.The event was interesting at the high altitude.


Head of Department, Professor                                                                           Z. A. Nuruzova
Correspondence, assistant                                                                                  N. R. Mirvalieva

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