Online report of professors and teachers of the Department of Microbiology and Virology of the national medical University named Asfendiyar 02.11.19

Involved: the head of department Professor Z. A. Nurusova, DOS.: Sh.R. Aliyev, N. So Egorova, senior lecturer: Z. N. Ergasheva, dzhuraeva Z. B., assistants: N. Mirvaliev, Franova S. T., Abdullaev U. M., Mamataliev F. Sh., Komamura S. T., Urinboev Z. N. Yu., Yuldosheva N. G., M. Lobazova No – it is not. G Suite-Gmail, Documents, Disk, Calendar And Other Forums., 201,205 student of the faculty of medicine and education, Professor of the Department of Microbiology and Virology of the National medical University of Kazakhstan named after Asfendiyar Mustafin K. K., staff of the Department Begadilova T. S., A. B. Kakimova, Esirkepov J. D., S. E. Pichova
Day mode:
One of them. Different questions.
Department of mudiri, Professor Z. A. Nuruzova speaking to S. D. He noted that the online lecture was planned by teachers of the Department of Microbiology and Virology Of the national medical University of Kazakhstan named after Asfendiyar. 02 November 2019 Professor Mustafina K. K. ” microbiota of the human body. On the theme “Man and the invisible” 201,205 medical and pedagogical faculty gave a lecture to the flow of students. Professor Mustafin looks with interest at the students during the lecture K. K. ni listened. Mustafin K. K. on this topic, he presented new, modern microbiological research methods used in modern medicine, and gave information about new biological products used in practice. Students received news that was interesting to them. After the lecture, Professor Mustafina K. K. answered the students ‘ questions by e-mail to the Professor. At the end of the lecture Professor of Microbiology, Virology and immunology Department Z. A. Nuruzova on behalf of the staff of the Department expressed gratitude to the professors and staff of the National medical University of Kazakhstan and expressed gratitude to Professor Mustafina for the work done in alohida he did so.

To set up a permanent on-line lecture on the subject “Microbiology, Virology and immunology”.

assembly President,
Department of mudiri, prof.

Secretary Myrsalieva N. R

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